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-  how long does it take to get my sculpture?

- the average time frame from placing the order to shipping varies depending on the complexity and amount of orders at any given time but on average you are looking at about 4 weeks

-  how many pictures do I need to take?

 - ideally 8 pictures 60 degrees apart/  eye level about 1 meter away (3ft) /one full frontal, one from the rear and 3 from each side/ you can express emotion if that is what you want depicted in your sculpture

 -  can I request smaller / larger than life size?

 - you can order smaller or larger and of course the price will reflect the changes 

 -  is there more than one finish available?

 - you can choose from traditional white, various shades of patina, or a specific color  

- what happens if my sculpture is damaged due to shipping?


 - your sculpture will be very carefully packaged to prevent any accidental damage , in the unlikely event something does happen every shipment will have adequate insurance to compensate for such an event. 

 - what is my guarantee of satisfaction ?

 - your satisfaction is our number one priority,  we will contact you when the clay representation is completed for your full approval, only then will we proceed with the plaster cast

 -  can I bring my sculpture idea to you?

 - you are more than welcome to bring us your unique ideas and we will do our best to bring your imagination to life

 - what is the cost for a life size portrait sculpture ?

 - the average cost for a portrait sculpture is around $2500. plus the cost of shipping, for a smaller representation the cost will be somewhat less depending on the size, we will be happy to discuss the specifics once we determine exactly what you have in mind.

 -  what shipping is available ? 

 - we typically ship through Canada/US postal service or one of the major courier companies depending on the time frame we have to work with / associated costs will of course depend on the piece and your location. 

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