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Fine Hand Crafted Made To Order             Clay & Plaster Artworks

Photo used to create bust
Sculpture of the Artist Michelangelo
Ballet Dancer Posing
Ballet Dancer sculpted from the waist up
Elderly Man Posing for a Photograph
Plaster Bust of an Elderly Man
Native man posing for a portrait piece
Artwork showing a Native mans portrait placed on a drum
 Small plaster busts representing two french actors
picture of a celebrity used by the artist
photo of an actor used by the sculptor
life size statue of elderly mans head and neck
 picture of elderly man posing
 picture of a young girl posing for artist
clay portrait of a young girl
plaster portrait of a young boy
photo of a young boy posing for a sculptor
statue of a woman praying
clay portrait sculpture
sculpted portrait of a girl
clay sculpture of a celebrity figure
small terracotta bust of a native indian
small terracotta bust of a black woman

      For those who demand the highest quality

       clay & plaster portraits, Busts  &  artwork.

 Each creation is crafted by hand in the old world tradition capturing every detail and nuance  

of  the subject.  Quality that is immediately apparent and designed to satisfy even the most demanding customer.  Artwork that provides enjoyment and admiration for years to come. 

Just pick a size and a finish either traditional or contemporary  then email us your photographs.

Of course we will always be here to answer any questions or concerns you may have.


We pride ourselves on not only creating beautiful artwork but also trust confidence and loyalty.

 It is the cornerstone of our business and you will see it in every piece we sell.


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