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Sculpture Artist Judit Szilvasi

sculptor artist
sculpture entitled " Family Tree"

Judit Szilvasi originates from the city of Kecskemet in Hungary.

She began sculpting clay at sixteen years of age and soon after would enroll at Pecs Art Studies University where she would receive formal training for the next five years.


"Working with clay and plaster is a way of life for me". " It was more than just my love or passion , it is who I am". " there was never any question that I would do this ", she explains.

After university Judit worked within Hungary and in Czech Republic. 

"I was doing contract work for churches in my city which was a great learning experience but at the same time all I could think about was my passion for sculpting portrait sculptures and figurative art".

           "It is a timeless art form that never goes out of style"    


Judit also does contemporary work as a diversion from the more traditional styles. In 2007 Judit won the Hungarian Plaque Biennale Award for her abstract work. 


In 2010 Judit was invited to attend the prestigious Int'l Sculpture Symposium in Plesna, Czech Republic. Only 8 artist from 4 

countries are invited. " I was very honored ".  

" In Europe they take their art very seriously", says Judit.

In 2011 Judit immigrated to Vancouver Canada. The passion for her work would dictate the path she took in her new home.


Since immigrating to Canada Judit has:

1. Received an Honorable Mention for Figurative Art in Mission, B.C. 
2. Been a top finalists in the Canadian Portrait Competition for last three years. 
3. In 2018 was also  awarded "Certificate of Merit" from the CPC judges. 

4. Opened an art studio on Vancouver Island B.C.
5. Worked to design and instruct a sculpture class for young teens in her community. 

6. Went on to share her work with the world via the internet. 


                                " Bringing Imagination to Life "  

Judits strength undoubtedly is the fact she can produce a true to life sculpture from photographs as  apposed to requiring a

model to sit for hours and hours.

      " Beneficial when sculpting children or animals "  


More recently she has gone on to combining driftwood and clay.

"Being able to combine wood with clay from the earth has been a natural progression, they compliment each other so well".

The two pieces that come immediately to mind if you are familiar with Judit's work is " The Family Tree", and "West Coast Wildlife".

Judit feels most at peace living in a natural setting, close to nature. "It is my inspiration" she says, " the ocean, forests , animals, surrounded by the beauty of mother nature is where I feel most at home".

Now living on beautiful Vancouver Island in British Columbia with her husband and their two children. "I have never been so happy as I am today",  "I have found my place in life and my artwork reflects that". "I am surrounded by inspiration, the ideas just keep coming!", she says with a big smile.

abstract artwork
abstract sculpture piece
original artwork


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